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  • Work Hard Play Hard

    Posted on July 05 2017

    Without knowing it, the slogan “Work Hard Play Hard” has probably been my motto since childhood. Growing up, I was the girl who got straight A’s, studied hard in the...

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  • A Year for the Books!

    Posted on May 06 2017

    WOW! Is it ok to applaude oneself? One year since the launch of Jolie Gotique and what a year it has been. Beginning as a fashion truck, launching an online...

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  • What The Truck?!

    Posted on February 20 2017

    Friends, family and mainly strangers ask me, “How on earth did you think of launching a Fashion Truck?!” I get that in LA, Miami or New York City any crazy...

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  • IN with the OLD: 3 Must Haves to Revamp your Current Wardrobe!

    Posted on February 02 2017

    If I can say, my outfit was incredible today! As many of you gym rats do, I make sure to be front row in that 8:30am barbell class. Breakfast is prepared the evening...

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  • Kid-less Style in South Beach!

    Posted on January 08 2017

    “She never stopped loving the man who never stopped dating her.” I read this quote a couple of years ago, already married with two children, and related to its every...

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  • Stacy's Secret Style!

    Posted on December 04 2016

    We’ve already busted out our latest, swankiest, trendiest outfit for all our Fall festivities. Now what?!?! We, in no way, shape or form could dare put those pieces of fabric...

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  • Fall Fashion Forever!

    Posted on September 26 2016

    Put your money where your season is! Between seasons women spend on average 10 extra valuable minutes in their closets each morning. The transition from summer is especially confusing because...

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  • Moms Gone Wild!

    Posted on August 08 2016

    Recently I organized a Moms Night Out and had the best time with my friends. We drank, laughed, ate, had long conversation and then it was 9 pm and bedtime...

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  • Dress My Age…Think Again!

    Posted on June 14 2016

    “Ripped jeans, no way and that tight tee, those were for my younger days. I need to start dressing my age.” This is a sentiment I have heard too many...

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  • It's a Pink World After All!

    Posted on April 27 2016

    My daughter Jolie’s favorite color these days is yellow. She stated it at the dinner table last night. I was proud. Strange to have any emotion over a child’s color...

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  • To Mompreneur or Not?

    Posted on February 10 2016

    One year ago I was in child heaven with my three and six year old. Enjoying life and lucky enough to be one of those women that did not have...

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