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To Mompreneur or Not?

Posted on February 10 2016

One year ago I was in child heaven with my three and six year old. Enjoying life and lucky enough to be one of those women that did not have to work. Lunches with friends while the kids were at school, meetings for amazing philanthropic organizations, PTA, gym rat, cooking, shopping, and picking up the dry cleaning made for a very busy schedule. Let alone my job as a chauffeur for soccer, skating and dance classes.

However, for better or worse, something was lacking. I was plagued with wanting to work, and that’s exactly how it felt – “plagued”. I had it all in theory. Why oh why wasn’t that enough… but only like a momprenuer could understand, sometimes we need to feel like our own, that we can achieve more, that there is some baby out there, but it’s not really a baby, it’s a project or profession that is ours and only ours. Most importantly, there was the need to feel rewarded and praised for something other than being a mom. When people asked what I did, I wanted to say I was a momprenenur, not a mom. There is a very guilty feeling that comes along with this.

Fast forward, my amazingly supportive husband was on board when I told him my crazy idea to start a fashion truck business, but we both had concerns. How would I balance my mom duties, that I wasn’t willing to give up, that I truly believe are far more important than any job in the world, with being CEO. Then something amazing happened. Jolie, my daughter and muse, was playing with her younger brother before school. I was standing in the kitchen making sure the toast didn’t burn, when I overheard this - Jolie says: “I own my own business, it’s a clothing store, and I make all the decisions here. Would you like to buy something? Maybe we can have a meeting later. ” It was at this moment that I realized, I can have balance. I may forget to pack a lunch one day for school, but I’m teaching my children one of life’s most important lessons. Reach for the stars because you can do anything you put your mind to. That’s what being a mompreneur is all about!


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