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It's a Pink World After All!

Posted on April 27 2016

My daughter Jolie’s favorite color these days is yellow. She stated it at the dinner table last night. I was proud. Strange to have any emotion over a child’s color of choice, but with a daughter, color holds greater meaning. In our society your daughter’s favorite color may speak volumes about her personality and how others perceive her. Certainly in the fashion world of girlie girls color defines you.

Pink, likely the most common answer, and certainly Jolie’s favorite color when she was younger, is for princesses. Beautiful princesses of all sorts on TV and in picture books are styled with sparkling pink princess dresses. Boys are not supposed to like pink, according to my four year-old son. Yes pink has been reserved for all girl books, girl toys and certainly girl fashions.

When Jolie assertively stated that her favorite color was yellow I couldn’t help but feel proud that she might be going a little against the grain. Perhaps thinking out of the box, forming her own decisions, and being an individual. Even her outfit reflected this newly formed opinion, with not a drop of pink down to the socks. What we wear and the colors we choose in our styles gives a glimpse into the person underneath. I asked Jolie about her change of heart, why yellow was her new favorite, and she replied, “because Lexi (her friend) likes it!” I guess she will  always be my princess, and I’m proud of, yellow, and all.


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