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#BlackMamasRock: Meet Dr. Kim Nichols

Posted on June 22 2020

Mama We Love & Admire: Meet Dr. Kim Nichols  

Tell us about yourself!

I am an only child born in the best city in the world, New York City, which is still my favorite city in the world. We moved to the suburbs in Westchester when I was about 10, and that is where I spent my middle school and high school years. I studied at Harvard University and then spent the next decade on both coasts pursuing my medical school and residency training. I returned to NYC after my residency in LA and worked as a dermatologist at my mentor’s practice on the Upper East Side for 7 years. When my 3rd child was a few months old, my husband and I decided that as much as we loved the city, we were running out of space and money and it was time to move to the suburbs for the kids. Fortunately, the timing couldn’t have been better because I had been thinking about starting my own practice for a while and had already started scoping out possible locations. As I looked around at different areas, Greenwich CT stood out as the best place to bring NYC-luxury and concierge dermatologic care to patients who otherwise were traveling to the city for their care. I founded NicholsMD of Greenwich in Greenwich June 2013, and I haven’t looked back. We now have 2 locations, one in Greenwich and one in Harbor Point, Stamford, and are growing daily. 

You are a Harvard graduate and a top dermatologist: How did you get there?

I believe it’s because I’ve always been laser-focused on what I want to achieve, and I have never been afraid of hard work. Although my husband will say that, at times, I am too hard on myself and that I need to “stop and smell the roses,” I find that the journey to reach a goal is the most exciting part for me; and that once I reach an objective, I’m always planning the next one. I guess this is why I never want to retire, and why not working during quarantine was so hard for me.

How has being a black woman & mom shaped you and what role has it played in achieving your dreams and your success? 

Being black is part of my identity, it’s not separate from anything else that makes me who I am; it is who I am. With it, I’ve always felt an extra responsibility to work hard and accomplish big things, not just for me, but for all the black people who laid the groundwork for me.

What challenges have you faced, if any, in achieving such great success due to the color of your skin? How did you overcome them?

The biggest challenge has been not always being respected for the hard work that I have put in to get where I am. I think a lot of “smart” black kids, get told (both explicitly and implicitly) that you were handed your success “because you're black.” Further, that I wouldn’t have succeeded if not for special treatment or advancement due to affirmative action initiatives; in other words, that I can’t compete on merit alone. My answer is always to just continue to work hard, be proud of who I am, and to try to be a role model for others. 

How are you speaking & educating your own children about "Black Lives Matter" and how have they reacted? 

I speak openly to my kids about racism and how we got here as a country. I was an American History concentration at Harvard. I feel that studying history is the best way to make sense of what’s happening now, and how to go from here without being discouraged. Black lives have mattered forever, and this is not new. I hope that, as they mature, my children will learn to love history and see it as a tool for understanding the good and bad of the world.

What is one important lesson you wish to teach your children?

"That nothing comes easy."

About Kim Nichols MD:

Kim Nichols, MD, FAAD is a Harvard-trained, board-certified, celebrity dermatologist that treats for both medical and cosmetic skincare concerns. She has been recognized world-wide for her artistic expertise in administering injectables that yield natural-looking results for clients to look and feel their best.

Dr. Nichols practiced in New York City for seven years prior to founding NicholsMD of Greenwich in 2013, where she and her team deliver “a luxurious Manhattan experience” without the drive into the city.

Awarded by L’Oréal-SkinCeuticals as one of the most exclusive dermatology practices in the United States, NicholsMD of Greenwich is a state-of-art boutique where Dr. Nichols, an Allergan National Physician Trainer, provides patients with cosmetic treatments and trains other dermatologists and plastic surgeons from across the country in the highest standards or art and ethics on how to administer injectables.

Check her out on Instagram @kimnicholsmd @nicholsmd_dermatology



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