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Dress My Age…Think Again!

Posted on June 14 2016

“Ripped jeans, no way and that tight tee, those were for my younger days. I need to start dressing my age.” This is a sentiment I have heard too many times to count over the years. If I were eighty, speaking with other senior citizens, I would probably find this logical and reasonable. However, I am thirty-six years young and my friends expressing these sentiments are within a decade older or younger than myself. 

Fact: Many thirty and forty something year young women are in better shape, more active, and in tune with their bodies than in college. Women in this age range are more knowledgeable about health and nutrition, more focused on life goals and staying active for their families. Plus we are way past our freshman fifteen! Yet somehow many women feel they cannot dress how they look or feel.

In Hollywood glamorous and beautiful women strike poses in some of the hottest designer fashions in the world. The styles are figure hugging, on trend and fabulous. These starlets are not defined by age. In US weekly magazine’s “Who Wore It Best?” women of different generations wear the same designer couture and often the older of the two wins.

Confidence ladies, that’s the key! Sure, a personal stylist and makeup artist don’t hurt either, but it’s much more than that. With confidence we don’t see those boundaries. With confidence we know that fashion defines our age; our age does not define fashion. Age is just a number, unless of course you happen to be a bottle of wine!


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