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Lessons Of A Boy Mom

Posted on August 09 2019

"Raising two energetic boys is similar to running a zoo." 

Honest words spoken by mama of two boys & Jolie Gotique's very own Stacy Danow


It takes a lot of training and patience to be a Boy Mom, but I have certainly learned a few life lessons.

Lesson 1: Less Is More

As a clothing designer, I envisioned my kids dressed to the nines. I put together outfits, consisting of European brand tees, layered over long sleeve Polo button downs and designer jeans with belts. This all changed when my older son started preschool. Every boy in our community was dressed in Under Armour sweats. Being a first time Boy Mom, I had no idea gym attire was a thing at this age. My child was a fashion faux pas! What was I thinking, putting a kid who’s barely potty trained in a belt?! All joking aside, this lesson has taught me to listen to my boys more, control them less.

Lesson 2: Shoes Make The Outfit

Growing up, my second home was Bloomingdales. When I entered the store, it was similar to Norm on Cheers. I tried introducing my boys to this amazing place a few years back. I quickly learned that Chipotle and Amazon were more their speed. While they might not be interested in my version of fashion & fun, they can certainly pick out the hottest sneaker, costing more than Gucci loafers. These boys are onto something. Let’s all start wearing that reliable cozy tee with our Valentino sandals. Imagine all the money we’d save if we only cared about footwear?! In all seriousness, this lesson has taught me to pick and chose, realize what’s really important. We can’t have it all, nor do we need it.


Lesson 3: Funny & Silly Get The Most Likes 

I love capturing beautiful images of my family. I never want to miss a photo opportunity, but my boys haven't signed off on this plan. I've resorted to "bad mom" antics such as bribing them or threatening to sell them (haha!) but not even that worked. I finally learned to embrace it. We don’t have to be perfectly posed. Turns out candids show true personality and allow my instagram friends to get to know me better. As my boys put it, “your followers will still see your outfit.” My children have taught me to smile more, stress less.

Becoming a Boy Mom has changed me, personally and professionally. I am much more flexible. I have accepted that things often don’t turn out the way we picture them. My boys teach me something new each and everyday. They continually challenge me, making me stronger and more determined, especially in my career.

I thank them for the person I am today.

Jolie Gotique will be honoring Boy Moms & their minis this Fall!

Stay tuned for some BIG BOY announcements.

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About Stacy Danow: Stacy is a Westchester, NY mom of two boys. She is a jack of all trades for Jolie Gotique and has been with the female run business for several years. Some of her many titles include: stylist, designer of StayChic tees exclusively sold here, graphic designer, inventory manager. This mama is a powerhouse and we are grateful she is ours! 

Check her out on Instagram @stylesbystacyd


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