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Mama We Love: Mother's Day Edition!

Posted on May 04 2020

Mama We Love: 

Mother's Day Edition With Stefanie of The Style Safari!

Hey Mama! We are big fans - Tell us about yourself: 
I grew up in Northern California (very close to where I live now) but consider myself bicoastal since I have moved back and forth to New York and San Francisco 4 times in my adult life. My mom is a retired flight attendant so we traveled extensively growing up and I definitely caught the bug early on! My dad is an entrepreneur, starting and investing in many businesses, and I think I inherited that gene as well. I have two older brothers who are spread around the country, so we are all constantly bobbing around trying to catch up and stay connected!
Tell us about The Style Safari - When did you start it? Why/How?
I started The Style Safari in 2011 to highlight my travel and fashion whims, and as an escape from my corporate day job. I was traveling with my mom all the time, even for weekend trips, and I wanted to have a place to share my photos, my souvenirs, packing tips and travel style. I had zero qualms about starting the blog back in the day because the standard was so low for imagery, content, and website aesthetic. I taught myself basic Wordpress skills and although I have updated my site quite a bit since then, it’s still all self-managed and designed. My boyfriend (now husband) at the time was one of the original instagram boyfriends and although I outsource imagery here and there, he still takes most of my images, so it’s really a two-man team!
You're pregnant during COVID19  - tell us about your experience, your fears, your hopes and your birth plan.
I am lucky that this is my second pregnancy, and that I am a little more familiar with pregnancy and the birthing experience, although this time is completely different than the last. When this goes to publish, I will be 36 weeks pregnant, and have spent my entire 3rd trimester in quarantine. I was excited this time around because I feel like it might be my last pregnancy, so I wanted to enjoy every bit of that bump life; savoring every moment, dressing up in cute maternity fashion, taking professional family photos, enjoying our last moments as a family of 3. Instead, I find myself incredibly bitter and anxious, frazzled by the constant needs of a 2 year old, and completely unable to appreciate the moment. I haven’t seen a Dr. in person in 7 weeks, instead having all my visits via Zoom calls which makes the pregnancy even more difficult to relate to. I know the baby is healthy and feel confident that we will have a safe delivery, but I almost forget that I am even pregnant because it’s such a low priority in my life right now. I worry constantly about my first child and how EXTRA difficult it is going to be for her to go from having her mama for 11 weeks straight to having sharing me with a baby brother. And I worry about how crazy it is going to be to spend my 4th trimester attached to a baby or a pump… after having spent 3 months stuck inside. So… a lot of anxiety around here!
Is there a silver lining for you during these difficult times?
It’s definitely been a bonus to have my husband around more to connect with my first daughter. He typically travels almost all week, so he misses out on a lot of her developmental milestones. But now he is really connecting with her which hopefully makes my life easier when the new baby comes!
It's Mother's Day and we are celebrating mothers everywhere! Tell us about your mom tribe?
I am super fortunate to be extremely close with my childhood friends, even though we are all spread out across the US. They are the women and moms who know me the best, make me laugh daily, and keep crazy parenting expectations in perspective. I am also super grateful for HeyMama, a nationwide organization that has brought together so many entrepreneurial and working mothers to help inspire me daily and act as a rudder for my businesses. I have met so many amazing women and clients through HeyMama!
Moms are currently spread thin, many are struggling: any words of advice? 
My favorite quote has always been “done is better than perfect” and somehow it feels more relevant now than ever before. If that means ordering in every meal, letting your kid watch TV, extreme multi-tasking (HIIT workouts while taking calls while pushing a stroller) then so be it. Gone are the days of perfection, just getting ANYTHING done right now is a win! 
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