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Megan Sullivan: "Boy Mom" & Entrepreneur We Love!

Posted on September 16 2019

"Being a mom is hard, being a working mom with a home office is even harder."

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Tell us about yourself

I’m the Co-Founder of The Local Moms Network, which is committed to Giving Moms the Gift of Time. The Local Moms Network was founded to deliver hyper-local resources and community connections to moms in suburbs across the country.  Our first location was launched in Greenwich, CT over 2 years ago. By the end of 2019, we project to reach over 100 suburbs in 27+ states across the country. 

I am a busy Mom and Wife of three boys, all under the age of 6 who are all born in January. Needless to say things are busy! We live in Greenwich, CT. I am a lover of all things health & wellness and I'm launching a website soon called In Mom Health that focuses on my esoteric health interests. If I am not chasing the boys around you can find me in the kitchen, working out or taking a quiet walk!

What was your career path before becoming a mom and what are you doing now?

Prior to The Local Moms Network, I worked in Finance in New York City. I spent the better half of my young, working life as a Managing Director of Investor Relations and Marketing at a Hedge Fund. After having my first baby I wanted to spend less time in New York City and more time in Connecticut, so I decided to give up my career to be home. Shortly thereafter, I met my partner, Layla Lisiewski. We have spent the last 2.5 years building a business and having fun along the way!

How do you manage both working & motherhood?

Being a working mom is hard, being a working mom with a home office is even harder. I love having the flexibility of my own business, making my own hours, and setting my own schedule but it’s hard to manage. I try to set designated times to work and designated times to be present with my kids. Running a business with almost 102 team members, sites in 100 locations, and 25 states is certainly not easy. But knowing that I have the support system to turn too makes things much easier.


What’s your secret to raising three young boys?

My boys are crazy at home – they are true boys! But when they are at school or at a playdate, I always hear how polite and well behaved they are. Of course, I always ask them, are you sure you are talking about the Sullivan boys, but the answer is always yes.  I think the secret to raising young boys is to always set them up for success by giving them outlets to unleash their energy and creativity.  Teach them kindness and empathy. And most importantly, take things in strides. Don’t expect the house to always be clean, schedules to be followed and wrestling to not happen. Boys will be boys!

What activities do you like doing with your boys?

My boys are super active, so we are always doing fun activities. Day trips to New York City are a favorite! We love going to the Central Park Zoo, Natural History Museum or walking the Highline.  When we are not traveling you can find us at the beach, in the pool, fishing off the docks on the Long Island Sound, hitting up every playground in Greenwich or the trampoline park. Recently, I took the boys on an overnight trip to a local “Dude Ranch” spur of the moment. We had the best time and made the best memories. It is not always easy traveling with three little ones but when I do, I don’t regret it!

How do you like to dress your boys?

How I like to dress my boys and how my boys like to dress are two completely different things! I love the boys to look classic and preppy. My two older boys in fitted shorts with a polo or a nice t-shirt. My little one in Jon Jons or anything that is southern classic. Now on the flip side, my two-year-old will let me dress him in anything, my three-year-old only wears “tennis clothes”, PJs or a swim suit (regardless of the time of year), and my five-year-old refuses to wear pants with a button, which means athletic gear only. We have a few draw string joggers which I love. This is one area where I don’t fight!

Styled in "Billie Mesh" Top

What is your go to “mom outfit”?

My daily outfit is all about comfort! If I am not in Sweaty Betty workout gear, then you can find me in my go to mom outfit, Levi Wedgie Jeans and a white tee shirt. I always dress during the day in an outfit that is fun, chic and washable! Sneakers are a must – I own many pairs. I need them to keep up with my crazy boys!

How do you relieve your mom stress?

SELF CARE! I truly believe that each Mom needs a little bit of time to herself. I try to take an hour everyday. On Sundays, I plan ahead of time for weekly workouts, doctor appointments and anything else I need to do as a Mom. Everyone needs a strong, healthy leader! Each week I try to plan one night to see my girlfriends, 2-3 workouts and at least one breakfast/lunch/coffee date to see a friend. It is hard to fit everything in but I’m a better wife and mother when I can take care of myself.

Do you have a “mom tribe”? 

Of course I do! Having a team of support is important. Growing up you always hear “It Takes a Village,” I never really understood what that meant until I had kids. I am blessed to have amazing friends, family, business partners and a husband who all provide ample support.  Having a mom tribe means having a support system in place to move forward together. One amazing resource I have found as a working mother is an organization called HeyMama. They seek to build an ecosystem of working mothers who collaborate and empower one another to become the decision-makers around their work, lives, and families. 


You can learn more about Megan Sullivan and The Local Moms Network here:

Follow Megan Sullivan @mmsterre 

Follow The Local Moms Network @thelocalmomsnetwork

Follow Megan's wellness journey @inmomhealth



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