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Moms Gone Wild!

Posted on August 08 2016

Recently I organized a Moms Night Out and had the best time with my friends. We drank, laughed, ate, had long conversation and then it was 9 pm and bedtime called! MNO, as the acronym describes, is becoming extremely commonplace amongst moms.

Groups of mommies are living it up at trendy hot spots with other adults, eating gourmet cuisine they didn’t cook, drinking amazing martinis that make them laugh  harder, speaking about topics that don’t involve diapers, and wearing low cut shirts like they did pre-breastfeeding. All the while, no one spilled tomato sauce on them, they don’t end up on their hands and knees picking up little pieces of rice from the floor, everyone says please and thank you, and if these moms are really lucky, maybe a cute waiter actually spoke to them! Is there anything wrong with this picture I described? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

How does fashion play a role in MNO? Comfort is always important, but in my books, wearing shoes a little higher and styles a little fancier than at the playground is all part of the MNO experience. Often I am getting ready for this coveted night out while preparing spaghetti and a child is hanging from my belt. Regardless, I always make sure to look and feel good about myself. I take it as an opportunity to reminisce about the pre-mom I once was, that still lives inside me. A wise friend once told me, “Penny, your "girls" have been downtown too long. Take them out of hiding.” Words to live by!


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