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My King of the Castle!

Posted on June 10 2018

I write, blog, post and talk so much about my role as a working mom but it truly takes a village. I am not alone on this journey. I would hate to mislead you in thinking I magically do it all myself. I could not possibly have founded and grown Jolie Gotique without my village.

In honor of Father’s day I’d like to dedicate this blog to my devoted and supportive husband, Danny. He is the only person I know who accomplishes enough in one single day to run the village himself.  I’d like to give credit where credit’s deserved. Danny has enabled me to reach for the stars, run a business while being a mother, and he still makes time for date night!

I’ve always been an idea generator and Danny has been my set of ears, often not by choice! Over the last decade I have come up with countless business plans. Who better to discuss them with then my partner in crime. He is a saint for always listening, never shooting them down, asking tough questions, and giving them thought. When I came to him with the fashion truck concept he could see the fire in my eyes and knew this was different.

Danny played a crucial part in the launch of Jolie Gotique. First and foremost he was my private venture capitalist.  There is deep gratitude in having someone you love invest in your idea. It symbolizes confidence, support, love, and pride. It means they believe in you, and know you have what it takes. 

Pre- launch Danny would be unwinding from his day at work, subject to my  constant deliberations over every detail.  We would sit on the couch, way past our bedtime, as I questioned him about logos, copyright material, website graphics & the business name. He was right there with me. Whether he was actually listening to me stress over the 30th logo idea didn’t really matter. He was there. He was present.

“Mommying” and working require many sets of hands on tap to manage chaotic schedules, carpools, school events, & playdates.  There have been countless weekends of “daddy duty,” going it alone while I’m at an event or needing more office time to complete a deadline.  Thank goodness I’ve found the best replacement for me in this world, their dad. As I’m hustling out the door he always leaves me with “good luck”.  

I don’t chalk anthing up to luck. I am not "lucky" that I have a hands on husband or that Jolie Gotique is thriving. It is the result of calculated decisions, good intuitions, hard work, and he was damn good looking so I couldn’t resist!

In honor of Father’s day I wanted to give you a glimpse into the father of my household. The glue that helps it all stick together.

Thank you Danny. We love you. 



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