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New Year - New Decade - New Beginnings!

Posted on January 20 2020

"You'll never get bored when you try something new. There's really no limit to what you can do." - Dr. Seuss

Meet Mama & Jolie Gotique's Very Own: Lauren Steiner

Happy 2020! Wow, another year has gone by in addition to another decade. It’s hard to believe so much has changed in my life over the past decade. Got a dog named Kobe, 9 years ago that I’m obsessed with. Left my career at Saks as a Senior Buyer to become a mother. I became a suburbanite almost 7 years ago when I moved out of NYC with my husband Brian to Greenwich, CT. A few months later I gave birth to my daughter Madison. We lived in Greenwich for 1.5 years and decided to relocate to Westchester, NY. I had my son Dylan about 6 months later.  Crazy how time flies and now my kids are almost 7 and 5!  I also saw some amazing Broadway shows and concerts along the way.  Many vacations were planned over the past decade from Florida, California, Mexico, Caribbean and Europe. I love to travel the world and have great food and wine along the way! We celebrated our 10-year anniversary in Greece and Italy. Loved retail so much I worked at MGems in between kids and decided to join the Jolie Gotique team 1 year ago. So much has happened in the past decade let alone the year! 

Personal Intentions

I love the idea of a New Year!  There’s something about starting fresh that makes me happy. It’s a time to reflect on the past year and set intentions for the upcoming year. Many say it’s a time to start working out, eating healthy and taking care of your body. I already love working out about 4-5x per week from playing tennis to Pilates, but I choose to reflect on what I can do to intensify my workouts and challenge myself. I discuss goals with my Trainer and Pilates instructor every January. One goal this year is to play more competitive tennis and regular matches on a team. I want to improve my tennis game, specifically, my doubles play. I grew up playing singles, so doubles matches are definitely more challenging and something I want to focus on.  I maintain a healthy gluten free diet not by choice but because I have celiac. In January, I like to do a 1-week plant-based cleanse to jump start my body and get rid of any toxins. I always choose to do a juice and food cleanse, so I still feel satisfied and my body feels full. I notice a difference just after one week as I have more energy and my skin has a nice bright glow.

I believe self-care is truly important. It helps me be a better mom and helps the overall family dynamic. I make time for myself each week even if it’s just getting a manicure, short massage or blow dry. Make time for yourself, it will change your overall outlook on life. I am more present with my family and career as a result.  

Organizing is a great way to kick off the New Year.  I enjoy going through my personal closet, trying on clothes and donating those that might not fit or out of style.  The other closets in the house are next on my list! I take many trips to the Container Store to buy plastic bins, baskets and folders to help organize my house. I love to clean out the old and make room for the new!

My Family Intentions

The New Year is a great opportunity to set new family goals or intentions.  My kids like to make a list of things they want to accomplish or try in the New Year. Madison wants to learn how to ride her bike without training wheels while Dylan wants to learn how to play the piano. Places we want to travel or visit is always a topic of conversation in our house. We like to travel to a new place each year but also return to the places that feel like a home away from home like Florida and Mexico. Brian and I always plan a trip together during the Summer while the kids are in camp. Europe has always been our go to!

2020 Outlook

Bring on 2020…this is going to be the best year yet! I’m turning the big 40 and looking forward to the many celebrations with family and friends in addition to some special trips and experiences coming my way. I'm excited about what's to come at Jolie Gotique in the upcoming year. We have many exciting events and new designers planned for 2020. 

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