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IN with the OLD: 3 Must Haves to Revamp your Current Wardrobe!

Posted on February 02 2017

If I can say, my outfit was incredible today!

As many of you gym rats do, I make sure to be front row in that 8:30am barbell class. Breakfast is prepared the evening before, down to the vitamins.  I kid you not when I say I am driving away right behind the school bus. 

After some sweating, I never fail to procrastinate. First protein shake, then laundry, and have you seen the way my kids leave their bedrooms?  Checking emails, texts and social media is next . Then an online sale catches my eye. Forget it, I'm set back 2 hours.  By the time I shower it's past 11am. Who wants to waste a fabulous outfit on half a day with no lunch plans?

I throw on an old sweater that has been neglected for decades, not realizing how trendy and fab I was going to look. I half tuck it into jeans, add a choker and hook on a guitar strap to my old Louis.  Dozens of compliments at Whole Foods!  Who would have thought some simple updates would turn an old sweater into the latest, must have look?

Jolie Gotique Stylist: Stacy Danow


It's all about mixing old with new.  If you have yet to join the choker phase, tie a ribbon around your neck. It will look exactly the same as a $50 choker from Bloomies. Next, adding a messenger strap gives you a brand new bag!  You can take a strap from a bag you already own or splurge on the newest “guitar” straps.  Lastly, you can half tuck anything from a bulky sweater to an A-line swing top you wore when you were preggo.  Anything goes!! 
Do not purge your closet just yet.  We need to talk first and you will end up wearing half those old clothes this spring. 
Below are some of my favorite Jolie Gotique pieces that will certainly update your old duds. 


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