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Social Media Mom

Posted on January 22 2018

I’m not a millennial. I’m a mom in her 30’s with an intelligent & determined 8.5 year old daughter and a fun and feisty 5.5 year old son. No, I didn’t know how to tweet, post, youtube and strike a pose by instinct. Before starting Jolie Gotique, almost two years ago, I had never been on Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter….EVER. I did have a private Instagram account with about 50 followers for the sole purpose of keeping in touch with my Canadian crew and their adorable newborn babies. Social media was a foreign alien that I was determined not to befriend because I was a MOM, and that was enough.

Fast forward to early 2016, a business idea was born. Jolie Gotique, a unique shopping experience via modern and sleek fashion truck, named after my daughter Jolie. Several PR experts advised me to open social media accounts on every platform and to do so immediately. The more I could begin marketing pre-launch, the better the launch would be. I did what any 30-something mom with no social media footprint would do. I hired a high schooler, who doubled as our babysitter, to teach me. My head was spinning like an outdated record from all the new buzz-words I learned. Terms such as hashtags, followers, likes & filters took on a whole new meaning. I was absolutely committed to meeting my new social media friends but we surely weren’t having virtual coffee dates…yet.


That was until I uncovered the real power of social media. Until I uncovered that I could directly link online sales to a fashion post. Until I realized that people were interested not only in my business, but in me. Until I learned that I could inspire people’s outfits, their fitness goals, their “mom” goals. Until I began interacting with women around the world, following their interesting and inspiring lives. Most eye opening, until I made local connections in my own community that I would have otherwise never had. These connections include new friends, mompreneurs, and inspiring women on whom I can lean for advice. It was official; Instagram and I were good friends, and these virtual friendships would eventually create real human connections, both professional and personal.

But as with much of motherhood, I have questions. Am I on my phone too much? Am I present enough in the moment for my children? Do I take too many pictures of the kids? Am I exposing too much of my private life to the public? How will my kids feel about @joliegotique as they grow up? Perhaps I should also mention, that I want to keep my own children off phones and social media for as long as possible. Is 30 years old asking too much?!

I don’t yet have all the answers. Like with any friendship, I’ve tried to set limits and boundaries. For example, I don’t post between 3 and 7 pm when the kids get home from school and need me the most. I leave my phone in the kitchen during bedtime so there are no distractions. I explain to both children, especially Jolie, what I’m doing when I prepare a post, so she understands the purpose, thoughtfulness & attention in the process.

This specific friendship is a work in progress. A balancing act that sometimes conflicts with my most precious & real relationships.

From social media virgin to mom-stagram. My name is Penny and I’m a social media mom.






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