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Stacy's Secret Style!

Posted on December 04 2016

We’ve already busted out our latest, swankiest, trendiest outfit for all our Fall festivities. Now what?!?! We, in no way, shape or form could dare put those pieces of fabric back on our bodies this holiday season. They’ve been featured everywhere from Facebook to Instagram to our latest blogs.     

Take it from a fellow fashionista, who’s made a professional career of shopping. I’ve made a job of knowing the most up to date styles at any moment. I galavant around town viewing anything that will further my knowledge of what you must have in your closet. Yes, YOU! I’m here to provide you with the most popular up-to-the-minute craze. You can typically find me perusing through high end department stores, boutiques, all the way to Marshalls. If you have the eye, you can shop anywhere, even a yard sale!

In the next few minutes I guarantee you will pick out the ONE key item that gives you the fabulous holiday look you’ve been craving. For all those exclusive, luxurious events, this ONE item will do the trick.

Color is first. Yes, Red is festive but I insist on Black, perhaps Charcoal or White.

Next we talk Detail. We always think sparkle. Big mistake!! It can’t possibly be worn again, social media would never forget it.

Fabric, also important. I’m a huge fan of mixing plain with fancy. If you’re wearing an intricate, lavish necklace, it doesn’t need to lie on delicate, chiffon. Save the dry cleaning bill and wear a jersey tee! Maybe even one with holes! Have I put you over the edge yet?? If not, I’m about to...

All you need is a solid, unexciting shirt. You heard me, not exciting. At the same time, this shirt will serve as the absolute, most amazing piece of apparel ever. It will rule your wardrobe! You will live in it. You will do anything from uniquely accessorizing to mixing with fur, leather and velvet. You will match it with multiple bottoms, while throwing on your favorite cardigan. Finally, you will introduce shimmer by adding a shiny scarf, necklace or fancy blazer.

The most intriguing part in all this - Nobody will forever know you’re wearing the same shirt and I promise I won’t tell!

P.S. All styles can be shopped at!

Stacy Danow
Jolie Gotique in-house Stylist




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