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What The Truck?!

Posted on February 20 2017

Friends, family and mainly strangers ask me, “How on earth did you think of launching a Fashion Truck?!” I get that in LA, Miami or New York City any crazy business is actually the norm, but in Greenwich, CT and surrounding areas a Fashion Truck is certainly out of the box. My husband was not surprised at all – it takes a certain person to conjure up a boutique on a bus with flatscreen TV, surround sound, and legitimate designer clothing, and he knew better when he married me. Perhaps it was the ten business ideas I’d thrown his way over the last decade that clued him in. None was as challenging and unique as this, and I pounced.

My motivation was rooted in my own love of shopping & fashion. I grew up in the fashion forward city of Montreal, where my father once owned a denim factory, and after college moved to NYC with fashion at my fingertips. With a European flare and street style influence my look grew to be “urban chic”. When I moved to Greenwich, CT my options became limited. I definitely love a great couture bag & shoes but I’m not one to spend $500 on an everyday sweater. There are many amazing fashion lines with great quality and fun looks in a more manageable price range. Hence my motivation! Most great business ideas sprout from wanting to solve a problem.

Problem: How can I provide great quality on trend styles to women at a manageable price point (& be profitable)?

Solution: Launch a Boutique on Wheels! 

I graduated with a business degree in undergraduate school (Go McGill!) and I number crunched enough to understand opening a traditional brick & mortar was very risky and expensive. Then the creative side of me kicked in, and a business was born.

After many sleepless nights, jotting down notes on a post it with one eye open, the concept grew to include Women & Girls Collections. Followed by a no brainer, homerun business name, Jolie GOtique, named after my daughter Jolie who amazes me each day. Her name means ”pretty” in French and this decision became the single most important one to date. Teaching my daughter to be a leader, to reach for the stars, to define her destiny, to have business acumen, to see her name on OUR website, OUR boutique, OUR photos….priceless.

That is the essence of Jolie Gotique – a fashion & lifestyle brand, run by girls for girls. Join us on this adventure, we’d love to ride with you!

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Gotique back in action April 1, 2017!


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