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Who Are The #GotiqueGirls ?

Posted on March 04 2019

Jolie Gotique may be a small business but we are growing. With the addition of our third boss-babe & team member it's about time you learned a little bit about the three mamas running the show - often referred to as the #GotiqueGirls!

 (Left: Lauren Steiner, Middle: Penny Goffman, Right: Stacy Danow)

1. Tell us about yourself:

Penny: Somehow my life can be summed up these days with a lot of F-words ("F"unny too) - Family, Founder, Fitness & Fun! I'm a mama to two spunky kids, Jolie (almost 10 years old) and Jaden (almost 7 years old). I'm also a wifey to an incredibly supportive husband. I'm most well known here as the founder & CEO of Jolie Gotique. I'm also a fitness lover and there's no workout I wouldn't at least try. My favorites include dancing, boxing, weight training and barre. I should also mention I'm originally from Montreal, Canada and now have dual citizenship which is pretty cool!

Stacy: I’ve been a fashionista since I was a child, constantly playing dress up in my mom’s clothes. I grew up in White Plains, NY spending ten years of my life in NYC after college, before returning to Westchester. I currently live in Rye Brook with my husband, Bret, and our two boys, Braden (10 years old) and Mason (7 years old). I love to be creative, whether it’s designing my own line of clothing, StayChic or styling my clients. Barre class is another place you can often find me when I’m not out perusing the stores for the latest craze. Fashion, health and fitness each play an enormous role in my life.  When I feel and look good it gives me the positive energy to succeed at absolutely anything.

Lauren: I was born in Washington, DC and grew up in Maryland. I went to college at Syracuse University and dual majored in Retail Management/Marketing. I graduated and moved to NYC after college to pursue my career in the fashion industry. I lived in NYC for 12 years after college and met my husband. Brian and I were together for over four years before getting married. We have a daughter named Madison (5 years old) and a son Dylan (3 years old). My favorite hobbies are playing tennis, exercising, traveling, shopping, eating out, spending time with my family & friends.

2. What was your career path prior to Jolie Gotique and how do you use those skills at work?

Penny: I'm a chameleon and I've had various career paths which makes my skill set unique. I graduated business school at McGill University in Montreal and immediately moved to NYC for an incredible position consulting between IT & Finance for a Paris based company. Those were the days that I jet set to Paris regularly on business trips and being bi-lingual helped. After several years in the business world I decided to do a 180 and got a masters in Childhood Education at NYU. I taught elementary school for several years and then left when my eldest, Jolie, was born. I was never fully complete being a mom without a little dabble in the workforce so I began unofficially styling some friends who happened to like my taste. It was October 2015 that I came up with the idea of Jolie Gotique and a mobile boutique, which would mix my business knowledge with fashion for the perfect combo. The rest is history! 

Stacy: For the past 20 years, I have worked in the fashion industry as a fashion designer and personal stylist for a wide variety of labels. Part of my jobs required me to be on top of the trends at all times. I use this skill everyday at Jolie Gotique when working with clients, as they depend on me for the latest looks in fashion.

Lauren: At sixteen years old, I started working in the fashion industry. Before college I worked at Neiman Marcus, Steve Madden, and White House Black Market as an intern and selling associate. I applied early to Syracuse University to pursue my dream of becoming a buyer and working in the fashion industry. After graduation I got accepted into Macy's Executive Training Program. I became an Associate Buyer in Women's shoes at Macy's and then moved to Saks Fifth Avenue. At Saks, I was promoted to Buyer of Designer Handbags and then became a Senior Buyer of Jewelry. I can use my extensive experience in the fashion industry to help expand the Jolie Gotique brand.  My skills can help with the buying of merchandise, inventory management, selling, merchandising, and styling.

3. How do you balance work/mom life? 

Penny: This one is tricky! The first year of Jolie Gotique my youngest was in school for 9 hours each week which did not allow me enough time to work. I was a chicken without its head on and I can look back and laugh now, but I'm happy to never repeat it. Once both kids were in elementary school my work/life balance actually became balanced. Of course some weeks are harder than others, depending on the schedules, but the key to my supposed success is organization. I'm a true Type A personality and it works in my favor. I plan ahead, I color code schedules, I arrange plans and carpools ahead of time and I do what I can to anticipate family/work needs. Sometimes it's seamless and other times it fails but I'd say both my family and business are successful so something is working well!

StacyIt’s definitely hard to balance both work and mom life. Multi-tasking is key. I am constantly working. When I am shopping for my kids, I look at the girl trends. When a magazine comes, I tear out the must haves. When an email comes in, I prefer to respond right away. If a good photo opportunity arises, I think of my Instagram page. My most difficult challenge is to prioritize what needs to be done ASAP and what can wait.

Lauren: I'm still trying to figure it out! I'm able to set aside time to work when my kids are at school or after their bedtime. I need some sort of peace and quiet to focus on my job. I also find it helpful to workout most mornings. Fitness helps me relax and start my day with a fresh mind. The hardest part is juggling the many responsibilities of being a mom such as running daily errands for the house/family, volunteering at the kids schools, taking the kids to after school activities while balancing work responsibilities.

Photo by: Ravanelli Photography 

4. What's your go to outfit that always does the trick?

Penny: I'm a jeans girl at heart. I love getting dressed up at parties, events and especially date night but if I could only take 3 items with me on vacation they'd likely be a great pair of denim, fun sleeveless top and heels of course! Those who know me personally also know that I love a good heel whether it be a wedge, stiletto or chunky. When in doubt pair with a heel to complete the look and add some chic. A great handbag helps too!

Stacy: The “multi-functional trend setting get-up”, or better known as the transitional outfit. This style allows me to look my best at pilates class and then at a business lunch without changing a thing! My favorite pair of shiny leggings, paired with a StayChic top and wedges gives me that super star feeling the whole entire day. 

Lauren: A pair of jeans or black leggings with a white or black t-shirt. It can easily be worn by itself with an amazing pair of shoes and a handbag or can be layered with a sweater or blazer. I love accessorizing with shoes, jewelry and handbags! They always help the outfit come together.

5. What's your favorite quote and why?

Penny"Veni, Vidi, Vici" by Julius Caesar, translated to "I came, I saw, I conquered." I don't think it needs further explanation. 

Stacy: My favorite quote is “Nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy”. This doesn’t just apply to purchasing an item. Of course it’s the worst feeling when you run back to the store to find out the shoes you’ve been debating about for the last 24 hours are sold out everywhere! However, I do think this quote means so much more. We have one life to live, let’s have as little regrets as possible. Live for the moment.

Lauren: Some of my favorite quotes are from Coco Chanel such as "In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different." I love this quote because I strongly believe in being your own person and conquering your own dreams. Being different and unique makes the world an interesting place!



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