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Work Hard Play Hard

Posted on July 05 2017

Without knowing it, the slogan “Work Hard Play Hard” has probably been my motto since childhood. Growing up, I was the girl who got straight A’s, studied hard in the library with my highlighter and textbook, and took furious notes in class that everyone photocopied. When the weekend came around, I always enjoyed letting loose. Whether it was getting crazy on the dance floor, or in college on the bar table, I’ve always had the ability to shift between the super-serious to the super-fun. Not much has changed!

Since launching Jolie Gotique, I have finally developed a healthy balance between all the elements of my life. Fitting in regular workouts, being at all the kids school functions, running a growing and thriving fashion & lifestyle business, cooking a healthy dinner and starting it all back the next day has been challenging. I work really hard to achieve it all. It may look easy and effortless but it takes enormous amounts of planning and organizing to fit it all in. That’s the “Work Hard” portion of my life motto.

Now comes the “Play Hard”! I may not be dancing on tables anymore, although I’d probably like to, I do have a unique ability to let go. As passionate as I am about my daily responsible routine, I am as passionate about being silly, dancing and having fun, laughing a lot, and honestly, getting a little wild. I use the word “wild” purposefully. It is genuine and it is real. As a mom, and in my case working mom, it can feel stifling to be so proper and in the box.

Recently, I spent the day in NYC with my childhood friends, now all working moms. Picture this scene, my friend and I in an uber car driving across town. All windows down on a beautifully sunny day, wind blowing our hair across our faces, music pumping, two moms in the back seat, arms twirling in the air, bouncing in our seats, singing so loud the pedestrians could hear us, giggling hysterically. It was a drive I’ll never forget and that I cherish. We played hard in that uber, we went a little wild, and then at the end of the day we both returned to our beautiful families and our work schedules and worked hard once again.


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